Nurse Injector Flex Program

Nurse Injector Flex Program at INJEXED Medbar

Our unique Nurse Injector Flex Program is designed to offer nurse injectors like you the opportunity to develop your skills and build a successful career in the aesthetic field, all while managing your own schedule like an entrepreneur but without the burdens of starting and running a business independently.

Program Structure:

1. Month 1: Training and Confidence Building

- Shadowing Phase: Initially, you will spend 2-4 weeks shadowing an experienced provider. This phase is unpaid and focuses on hands-on training and familiarization with basic treatment procedures under close supervision.

- Skills Acquisition: You'll learn and perform basic aesthetic treatments including lip filler, smile lines correction, neurotoxin applications, and more.

2. Months 2-6: Approval and Earning

- Solo Practice: Once you demonstrate competence in basic treatments and pass the safety assessments, you will begin injecting on your own. This phase allows you to start earning and building your client base.

- Expanded Treatments: You’ll have the opportunity to administer treatments like cheek and chin fillers, tear trough treatments, and start using techniques like cannulas.

3. Months 6 and Beyond: Skill Enhancement and Business Growth

- Advanced Techniques: After gaining confidence and skill in basic treatments, you will move on to learn advanced techniques including PDO threads, microneedling with PRP, and jawline treatments.

- Growing Clientele: Continue to expand your schedule and client base, enhancing your reputation and increasing your earning potential.

Financial Structure:

- Earnings: The program outlines potential earnings at various stages, linking performance and skill advancement to increased compensation.

- Sales Goals: Personal sales goals are set according to skill levels, with increasing income thresholds as you advance.

- Costs: A breakdown of costs associated with the services (Cost of Goods Sold - COGS) and the monthly fee required for maintaining operational essentials such as rent, insurance, software, and other necessary services.

Additional Details:

- Compliance and Maintenance Costs: Outlined costs for software, technology, rent, insurance, continuing education, medical supplies, staffing, medical direction, licenses, and permits.

- Marketing Support: The program includes marketing and advertising efforts through channels like Facebook and Google to help you build your client base.


- Entrepreneurial Experience: Operate within a supportive environment while managing aspects of the business that would be your responsibility if you were running your own practice.

- Reduced Operational Headaches: Avoid the direct costs and complexities of starting and managing a standalone business.

- Professional Growth: Continuous education and training opportunities to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and treatments in the aesthetic field.

This detailed program structure is tailored to help nurse injectors at INJEXED Medbar thrive by providing them with the tools, training, and support necessary to succeed in the competitive field of aesthetic medicine.