Everyone has an opinion about lip fillers and sometimes it's true and, well, sometimes it's a fiction.

Here are the top five myths about lip fillers.

1. It's Super Expensive

Lip Injections can cost anywhere from $699-800+. The cost is based on how much product is used, and who is injecting it. Here's the deal, depending on what type of look you're going for you don't need to do a full plump.

2. It's Permanent

The biggest myth about injections is that it's going to be permanent and you'll have the look forever. That actually would be a good thing, but it's temporary and lasts 6 to 9 months. You can thank men for this myth. For those ladies that want lip filler, please tell your man to rest assure that it's not permanent, even though eventually they will want it to be.

3. It's Painful

Any type of injection can be uncomfortable because your skin is being pricked with a needle. Not exactly anyone's idea of fun, but the discomfort is only temporary. Your lips will be numbed, and you will receive an ice pack, and the results are worth it!

4. You'll Look Fake

This one is simple. We provide a natural look and natural enhancement. If you're looking for something over the top, we probably aren't the place for you.

5. It's Dangerous

Our injectors are all licensed medical professionals and experienced injectors with a proven track record of successful and happy clients. Lip Injections are not dangerous, and your lips are in great hands.